Local people reveal how to avoid trouble for travelers

Costa Rica not to loudly say that you hate football, or just get a taxi in Mexico while ensuring clear communication and clock driver kilometer.

Arriving in a strange country, the trouble does not understand the culture, mores is inevitable. Each country has its own rules and if you take the trouble to observe, you will avoid committing them easily.



If you travel with little money, stay away from the restaurant or bar in the famous places. A cup of coffee in Piazza San Marco in Venice will also get you $ 30 ‘s. Also, if anyone ask for money on the street the next steps, because most of them are looking to deception. Don’t be onstage to join these games with the people on the street, they very or fraud.

Let’s Eat and experience the cuisine of Italy. In Naples, you should eat pizza and drink coffee. Should swim because Italy has many beautiful beaches. You can also come to the Museum. Also, please take the time to wander the city.


Don’t make jokes or teasing the guards at Windsor Castle or the Queen’s guards. They are not inanimate objects and do not know to move. They are trained soldiers.

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Don’t be teased the guards because it is not so. Photo: Shutterstock

South Africa

To map in the car not enough, you must store them in the trunk so no one outside could see. Avoid the wandering on the roads because there exist reciprocal robbery. Sit on the bike in mind gate, one can will shock your map and running away if not for Italy.

Costa Rica

The best you should not drive when coming to Costa Rica because of that very thing can become a nightmare. You also should only tip if staying in the hotel serves foreign tourists because here there is no culture. Also, you wouldn’t say that it’s not like soccer, it would surely be a mistake.


Don’t stop halfway, stepped out of the car to look or bear to feed them. While in Quebec, you also don’t get the story, language or culture as a joke. When to ski resorts, not driving on the frozen lake.


No taxi unless assured that car and driver named the counters clear of trees. In addition, you should also enable GPS to track the way because the driver can ride into the circle.Don’t step up to the subway for latest in Pocket after, apply the same for buses.


Scream or speak loudly not accepted in Japan You will be viewed as “guys peanut species” when to do it in public. Please behave kind to police in Japan, unlike in the West, the police has a duty to guide you or help women crossing the street.

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