Predisposed to mistakes when traveling overseas

Many people have the habit of phone hidden under a towel, hat or buried under the sand where his right to do and then down the beach, and when returning the handset has no wings that fly.


Here are the things that many tourists often make when on holiday.
Spend all day in resort
Lying on the grass in the resorts, spends most of the time to walk around the pool, enjoy the delicious food, refreshing drinks … are enjoyable experience when you go on holiday in the summer.However, many visitors said: “If you only eat and sleep, stay home. Spend the day at the resort what a waste”.
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In addition to laze all day at the resort, the deliberately brought on board local objects are prohibited, carrying too much luggage when going out as well as the actions susceptible to many visitors.Photo: Thrillist.
Doing too many things
Many travelers have habits “running tour” when traveling. Rather than just visiting a few points, they visited all parts of the city, resulting in less time to learn. “It was not any other flower equestrian look. They act as if this is the only time they get here so,” a British visitors comment.
Take the available routes
When traveling, do not always opinionated guest at the route they had planned availability at home. This is not wrong, but you should be more proactive to situations that occur at their point of coming.Rather than look too crowded places and take time waiting in line to enter the tour, you can come back here in another more appropriate time.
Do not buy travel insurance
There are many unfortunate cases occur when travelers do not buy travel insurance, and they are faced with the enormous sums incurred abroad.
Bring your passport with you
On the advice of the experienced traveler, you should leave your passport in the hotel room safe.This is the safest place to preserve passport.This is quite serious when a growing number of tourists stolen passports.
Do not bring sunscreen
If your holiday spends much time on the beach, a serious mistake is to ignore the sunscreen.Many visitors were sunburned, even skin burns.
Hidden under the sand phones
Many people have the habit of carrying out his phone and when to bathing beaches, often hiding them down scarf, hat or even a place to store items.However, the majority when you return the device will no wings that fly.

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