Preparing for a trip to Paris perfect

The French capital is often wet, even in summer, so the best you bring along an umbrella or raincoat.

Prepare your Passport


You need to be sure your passport valid at least 6 months counted from when the French arrived. If only the term less, you may not enter any country. In addition, you should make a photocopy of your Passport for a home and a copy to take with you (but not so common with original passport) upon loss of passport.

Folded map

Paris often or rain, even in summer, so the best you bring along an umbrella or raincoat.You should be prepared for a little dress up when going to restaurants or nightclubs and even everyday comfort. In baggage should have a so nice to wear for a special dinner or a gala, date. Jeans are acceptable when going sightseeing or dinner routine. You will look more like the Paris than if wearing more clothes in black or neutral tones, with a few accessories like scarves or earrings.

20150517132400-chuan-bi-cho-chuyen-di-hoan-hao-toi-paris-travel-1 ( Paris Favorites black and neutral. Photo: wmagazine.

From the airport to the hotel

There are many options for you such as bus, taxi, train or a combination of the bus and the train. Taxi is the easiest move, also in conjunction with the bus is quite complicated, especially when you take the heavy and bulky luggage. If Paris was, it’s best to take a taxi.

Taxis are usually parked just outside major hotels, the street corner, outside railway stations, office buildings and airports, are usually not allowed to carry more than 3 people and there is little room for luggage. Money tip for the driver from 10-20%.

Walking in the city

Capital lighting is relatively small cities, like the capital in other countries. Attractions are mainly monuments and museums, usually very close together and could walk. You can visit the any row which side of the road while walking, and remember to bring a map (free maps can be obtained at the front desk at most hotels).

French travel, tours, travel tips, Paris, FranceWalking the streets of Paris. Photo: Alamy.


To help take time line change money at the airport, you should change the euro currency at least in the House. In France, you can use your ATM card to withdraw money Column. in every place. The area would be 500 residents and over have at least one column ATM. The shop usually accept credit cards, especially Visa and MasterCard cards, rarely accept American Express.

Learn about the types of French restaurant

Cafe: Is the place for drinks hot or cold, for breakfast, snack or sandwich and serve lunch.This is a convenient place for a lunch to ham cheese (sandwich mixte) or salad (salade composee).

Salon de The: in Paris offers instant tea with bakery, usually open from 10-18 h, serving drinks and cakes.

Bistro: this is the family-owned restaurant open with paper towels, table-cloths and simple decoration. Dishes usually have a traditional type as used in the home. Wine is poured from a jar. In some customers shared dining bistro on long tables.

20150517132400-chuan-bi-cho-chuyen-di-hoan-hao-toi-paris-travelti-3 ( bistro in Paris. Photo: sandrogamba1

Braisserie: Words in French means the brewery. Beer is an important part of the meal as well as Alsatian wine and salted cabbage with sausage and ham. In the restaurant has fresh seafood. The braisserie are often quite extensive, suitable for large group of people and often closed late.

Restaurant: The French restaurant has a variety of dishes with more reviews. However, limited opening hours than braisserie and cafe. Lunch is served from 12-14 h, dinner from 19 h 30-23 h. Between meals, the shop closed.

Money tip

Many restaurants include tax and 15% service charge on the money. If the customers are satisfied with the meal you can tip more 5-10%, and leave a little money travelers for the waitress if paid in cash. In the hotel, the money for the Portage is 1.5 euros per piece of baggage, while the maids is 1.5 euros a day. The small tip money games 1 euro for cleaning, seating guides, or guide in the Museum.

The time difference

Following Vietnam, the 6-5, in the summer and in the winter.

20150517132531-chuan-bi-cho-chuyen-di-hoan-hao-toi-paris-travelti-4 (
The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays. Photo: The Times.

The Museum

The museums in Paris are usually open weekdays from 10-18 h, except Monday. Some of the Museum is open in the evening. The national museums such as the Louvre and Pompidou Center closed on Tuesday. Private Museum of Versailles, Trianon, Rodin and Orsay is closed on Mondays.

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