The experience skiing in Korea

Select the resort near Seoul to return to the city at night, dining and more fun.

Note for those prepared to Korea and find a place to ski.

Ski service in Korea

Korea is promoting the development of winter resorts and transportation systems in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics host country. In selected locations, Gangwon-do will be the main locations for the exam due to the amount of snow and slopes reasonable comfort.Two ski resorts are famous here Alpensia and Yongpyong.

20151211134116-1 Bettertraveltips.comRoads connecting the cable to the Taebaek mountain foot resort. Photo: LonelyPlanet

Additionally, guests may choose the resort near Seoul with comfortable and lower slopes.Many resorts in Korea also open the chute evening, illuminated with lights mounted along the mountainside.

Guests can enjoy the resort selected depending on the time, the level and cost. Most here are organized ski classes in Korean and English. The ski resort in South Korea are highly modern equipment and facilities comes as restaurants, hotels. Cable car system for 2-4 people each chamber also continuous operation during winter.

The most famous resort must include: High1 Ski Resort, Yongpyong Ski Resort, Alpensia Ski Resort.

The ski resort near Seoul

Many ski resorts located near the city of Seoul so visitors can easily go back in the day by bus.However, these areas are often crowded. The famous spots near Seoul include: Bears Town ski resort, the Elysian Gangchon (can go by metro) and ski Konjiam – ideal for those who want to combine skiing and Korean-style sauna .

travel korea, ski , Korean , winter tourism , mountain TaebaekKonjiam as favorite ski locations near the city of Seoul. Photo: LonelyPlanet


Most resorts have a shuttle rides from Seoul and Incheon. Using service vehicles will save transit time but the price more expensive than 2 or 3 times more than ordinary buses and trains.

A high-speed train system is being deployed new building city connecting Seoul and Pyeongchang areas to serve the Olympic Winter Games. However, this route runs through a few resorts.

The note on equipment, furniture

All resorts in South Korea are renting ski with good quality and fresh. Besides the usual facilities such as boots, skis, sticks sliding, while many other high-end devices for professional ski population.

Alternatively, you can rent ski clothes, in case not want to bring too many clothes. However, if you often use the type size is too large, you should bring personal items for convenience.

20151211134116--3 Bettertraveltips.comArea with complete equipment rental equipment for both adults and children. Photo: LonelyPlanet

The recreational activities

The ski resorts in Korea usually do not have many recreational activities for guests. Alcoholic beverages are not served here (except areas near Seoul Elysian). Korean people often spend time evening to enjoy chimaek – a typical omelets Korea, sip some beer or soju and chat.

If you want a fun party after skiing, choose resorts in Seoul to be able to return to the city in the evening. Moreover, you can try several locations before choosing the resort preferred to stay overnight.

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