The information you need to know when traveling in Europe

Europe travel style, suggest you TIP for HDV and driving abroad (the usual minimum is 5EUR per day/person) in each country. Money Tip for porters map at the airport, hotels, and other public places (the minimum practices about 1EUR per person.)


Serving style of other European than Asian, have to rely on yourself is mainly local guides, appears only in the sights and. ..

The information you need to know when traveling in Europe

1. Customs procedures

-You can bring when travelling and when about 20 kg of baggage sent by plane and 05kg hand luggage allowance, not bulky.

-You should not carry diamonds, gemstone … … … ….

-Not to the types of knives, scissors, liquid … the … in hand luggage. Not to money, passport, the valuable items in checked baggage.

-You should declare on exit declaration if:
+ For precious items valued at over $ 300 major categories as: cameras, digital cameras etc.
+ If the carrying amount on $ 7,000, accompanied decided to bring offshore money the Agency approved by the authority, stating the purpose of use and must inform the head of delegation to declare to customs.

(Where there is consumer demand for more money and for safety, you should open the credit cards such as visa, Mastercards cards etc..)

-When buying goods worth over 300 USD you must pay taxes and excess deposit provisions if applicable (Note: Customs determines the value the item according to the value of the goods in Vietnam).

2. Entry and exit

-You must not throw away any papers with regard to immigration. For double declarations must remember the declaration back to the exit procedures at the entry and in Vietnam. In particular with regard to customs declarations upon entry you have to seal and keep the request to buy duty-free goods.

-For overseas Vietnamese and foreigners must carry the evil c associated immigration related newspaper, suggested to bring 2 photos 4 x 6 cm to make re-entry visa VIETNAM (with the condition has a copy of the Agency’s personnel review QLXNC)

3. Excess baggage

-The luggage sent the plane suggest you prepare bins of fabric should have the wheels pull to avoid being thrown and smashed luggage and help you easily over the move. All the most necessary personal identification on hand in case a suitcase lost baggage will not have the necessary supplies.

-The weather in Europe at present
+) Spring (from February to April) temperatures from 6-20 degrees
+) In the summer (from May to August) temperatures from 25-34 degrees
+) Fall (August to October) temperature from 18-28 degrees
+) Winter (from November to January) temperatures from degrees Celsius to 13° C
So bring a small neat types box and slicker (collapsible) case to use

-Money laundry at the hotel, guests should bring compact irons (versatile plug, 220V). Bring toiletries: hair dryers and shavers (if necessary), toothbrush and toothpaste, cream against dry skin and. .. etc … Especially as the overseas medical costs are very high, suggest you carry special medications.
-Please select low shoes type b • take familiar because of the foot comes more.

-Food and drugs: most of the meals during the program’s dining train. Some Western-style meals. If necessary, please bring dried, bacon wrapped … … … … do not bring the food smells cause discomfort to other races. Should bring personal medicines including special treatment for your disease such as: smoking, higher sensibility his stickers, tonic, diarrhea medicine, etc..

4. Shopping

-The goods in Europe is very expensive. When purchasing goods, foreign guests are subject to a VAT taxes range from 20-25% of custom water.

-Cigarettes in Europe is very expensive, 3-4 EUR/package, mostly smoking Malboro (in France).

-Shopping at the supermarket, please compare the price, because the supermarket price disparity quite as much. Items purchased at the store or in the market, you should pay the price. In this occasion there will be clothing fall winter save 50-70% you can buy gifts for your friends and family.

-When purchasing gems, please select carefully and bargain prices (because of private this price says very high). You should bring a small personal computer to haggle the price when shopping.

-Please note that, absolutely not accept baggage sent or made by other delegations.

5. These services include:

-In the majority of hotels in Europe, the breakfast group as the standard Continental breakfast including pastries, cheese, butter, bacon, milk, coffee or orange juice. So, if you would style breakfast full breakfast (or hot breakfast or American breakfast), the hotel will add an extra money and you pay directly to the hotel.

-The majority of the hotels offer room service PAY TELEVISION (broadcast of adult entertainment films). If you do not see, please press the button NO long PAY, if push the button and then you don’t see, still have to pay for hotels. The lowest price is at 25USD/film.

-Maybe in a couple of solo sạncó using Robot system with a minibar (Refrigerator containing food automatically), if not you should not click the button get the product, in the case of food  press has not returned because the machine was charging it.

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6. The exchange rate amount EUR at the time

The European community now use the EUR. Relatively little: 1EUR = 1.45 USD,,. Or the best you should change money in Vietnam is to ensure the most secure rates for guests

7. international telephone & Power:

-Electricity use in countries in the program are: 220V. Cấc socket types in countries is the circular adaptor 2. At best, if you would need to bring the mini iron to use, then bring both medial outlets “driven” to dụngtrong every situation.

-In a number of hotels, if you want to call from your room should contact the reception in advance and must deposit a sum of money then they open new line phones as well as other services in the hotel. The phone at the hotel are very expensive.Purchase an international phone card of Europe in each country and then call at the cacbin booth. There are 2 types of dial-in locations, public phones, the price will be much cheaper

-Pressing the number from Europe about Hanoi: 84-00-code the 0 number removed-number should call (for example, 00-84-4-8514978). If the call to the mobile number: 00-84-the number needed to call up the s 0 in front of 9 (for example, 00-84-913341816).

-If your cell phone has international network (roaming), as to the European machine will automatically detect the networkEurope.

8. Behave:

The Eu privacy very seriously, so all infringement of personal liberty are prohibited outright. Laugh at talked loudly toying in public harm others, or littering, smoking where the Board banned will be penalized infractions.

9. Arrangements

In order to create success for the trip, suggest you comply with do’s and Don’ts as follows:

Should do:

-Your Passport when going this route will by holding company HDV during the cruise to perform task.

-During the cruise excursion, please kindly hats due to travel and play, to readily guides Corps in the sights.

-Seriously implement the request of the lead group, or HDV on time

-Stop by the hotel’s address card to call taxi

-Comply with the instructions of the American delegation, should not separate in their sights. If you need to split the Union because the protagonist doesn’t own/or HDV/local or go ahead said.

-For passports, important documents, cash and personal property has great value offers you always take with you (handbag, small intestine audience…) or send in the Safety Box in the hotel, not to the room, suitcases in case of key theft.

-You should bring batteries and film in full (absolute safety when your check), Vietnam cheap image laundering and more beautiful.

Should not do:

-Should not come too late for 10 minutes because of the harm to other visitors. HDV is not responsible for the delay

-No smoking and littering in public, which has said since can be fined due to the breach of

-Don’t go slippers, wearing short skirts, knee sleeves underarm openings when on visiting places of grave as: churches, palaces … … … … … …

-You please do not litter on the car.


In Europe and especially in Paris, the pickpockets are very common and frequent. Or trick the customer if individual group picnic without HDV or accompany such: impersonating police to check the papers of, for your skin. So, you be careful in investing and money.

Another note:

-Serving style of Europe other than in Asia, have to rely on yourself is mainly local, HDV only appear in their sights. They did not tour for linear as in Asia. As a result, a number of attractions there is the local Union Chief, HDV will guide the General information for and spend most of the time for you to freely explore and photograph. Some sights while having local inside but HDV is not allowed demonstration or say as large as: Notre Dame … so essentially you discover. In addition, there are other sights that HDV inside such as the Church, several museums, but they speak English and does not allow room for their time. In such cases, if there are any problems questions, protagonist of the Travel Company will give you more information. Besides having the sights just stood outside the scene and shooting because time doesn’t allow, you would need to take advantage of interest free tickets to visit such as: Colisium, Vatican Museum, etc..;

-After the end of the trip, you will have to turn back the entire passport for the protagonist (Tourleader) hold on to the Travel Company’s operating procedure to process an Embassy to be written on checks in the passport the next day. If you are in the wrong crew, not turning back your Passport to the Embassy, you will take responsibility and will be included in the Black list on the network of Schengen- Europe and will not have the opportunity to go on day trips to Europe next time (if given). This is the mandatory regulations of the Embassy for all customers. Hoping You feel done right.

-Any other form of leave, do not use any services whatsoever in foreign countries are not refund because everything has to be paid in advance.

-Check in is usually the 01:00 pm and check out time is usually 11:00.

-All questions and requests for help must inform local HDV before ending the program in August. You just call the local really necessary when HDV and activities outside business hours, subject to the consent of the native HDV, you will pay the costs of overtime incurred if HDV agreed to go more than an hour.

10 . Make civility tour

-Implement style travel Europe, suggest you TIP for HDV and driving abroad (the usual minimum is 5EUR per day/person) in each country.

-Money Tip for porters map at the airport, hotels, and other public places (the minimum practices about 1EUR per person.)

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