These famous tourist icons easy to make disappointed travelers

In the US freely bell boy standing pee in Belgium, Mona Lisa painting in France … are icons famous travelers attraction but they also made many people have exclaim

Thrillist page has just announced the list of 9 points to property popular tourist icons in the world, but easy to make you disappointed to watch.

Statue of the boy standing pee, Belgium

Upon arrival in Belgium, tourist attraction, many tourists often visit the statue of the boy standing pee-symbol of the city of Brussels. However, in reality, bronze works of master sculptor Jérome Duquesnoy ranges 61cm and surrounded by an iron fence. You can just take a picture with him from a distance.


Statue of the Little Mermaid, Denmark

Little mermaid statue has long been regarded as a symbol of Copenhagen in particular and Canada in General. However, in the opinion of many travelers, first faced this myth, they were frustrated because the statue is quite small, not bulky like the imagination. 1.25 m tall statue was commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, completed in 1913. However, the statue was still attracts millions of visitors each year.


Painting, France

Many visitors have a romantic soul admit no fewer times dream to be come enjoy one of the most famous paintings of all time-Mona Lisa. However, after wasting bunch time crammed in the Louvre, a majority expressed disappointment when the original is too small, merely a canvas size of around 76 cm x 53 cm.


Checkpoint Charlie, Germany

The Berlin wall was erected in 1961 by the East German Government. Shortly after construction was completed, President John f. Kennedy ordered the u.s. military to build 3 checkpoints at various points in the wall through which, the diplomatic corps and other forces can go to West Berlin. Until 1962, the checkpoint is the only place where foreigners come to visit Berlin may pass from West to East and vice versa, it became the most famous point, located in the city of Friedrichstadt, Berlin.

Today, it is the most crowded attractions of Berlin. However, the checkpoint is just one copy with the sandbags are physically adjacent, smaller than the original.

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Mount Rushmore, United States Of America

Mount Rushmore National Memorial-a sculpture carved into the granite on Mount Rushmore, Keystone City, State of South Dakota, Usa. Mount Rushmore presents the four presidential faces of America with a height of 18 m, from left to right turn as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. On Trip Advisor, tourists leave comments up to 10 pages just to express their frustration before the size too small works, especially when viewed from a distance. But each year, it still attracts about 2 million visitors.


The monastery of Alamo, United States of America

To win independence for their own and contribute to the American Federation of Texas, who wrote up the sites with bi and magnanimous. One of them is the story of the American soldiers died in the Alamo for 13 days before the 6,000 Mexican troops. Today, the ruins of the Alamo became the destination attracts in America and it is considered to be the beginning of democracy of the State of Texas.

However, there is little you feel surprised or disappointed when she saw the original part of the monastery, where many tourists visit-the tiny, an area of about 22 m x 19 m.


The Liberty Bell, United States of America

The Liberty Bell (Liberty Bell) is one of the symbols of the independence of America, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Bell hung for many years in the steeple of the State House of Pennsylvania (now called The independent) and is used to summon the legislators or warn citizens to public meetings.

Today, visitors come to Philadelphia that would like to visit this witness Bell even though it is small in comparison to the imagination of many people.


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