These limiting eat dish when to foreign countries

The fruit grows close to ground such as strawberries or sauce, fried rice is delicious may contain raw material of unknown origin and the processing is not technical.

The following are some of the foods are recommended to limit the use of his book The Essential Guide to Travel Health (essential guide to travel health) by Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth compiled and The Food traveler’s Handbook (Handbook for cuisine tourism) of Jodi Ettenberg.

Lettuce and strawberries

Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth advises that: “You should avoid eating the food that grows close to the ground as they are very difficult to clean. Many types of bacteria, micro-organisms in the soil where the water cannot wash off. “

Should not eat strawberries-a fruit that grows close to the ground as it may contain bacteria that are difficult to clean.

Did Jodi Ettenberg said, “especially in heavy polluted place, you should only eat bananas, mango, lychee, Rambutan and some other tropical fruits. It’s the delicious food and has a protective shell “.

Cold cream

According to Dr. Wilson-Howarth, ice cream also is quite dangerous. It was frozen and then melt and coagulate again. In the process, the bacteria can reproduce very quickly. Food frozen and melted several harmful bacteria than sustenance living. The best option is to use the juice cold because they contain acids, bacteria are difficult to survive.


It is difficult to know what is there in the marinade. It could be the type of unknown origin, undercooked food, water, herbs, eggs, live … All are suspicious and can be harmful. If required to be served with sauce, you need to make sure it was done nine and still hot.

Fried rice

The fried rice dish in the material may yet to ripen and be harmful to customers. Photo: mysweetstation.

“Fried rice usually cooked with meat-the remaining food and be the basis on the pan.Where the meat is not cooked, look outside they still are very good “-Dr. Wilson-Howarth said. She advises travelers to use broths because medium is stuff cooked medium to give the body more energy.

Food, restaurant

If you are in the country has ample Street cuisine such as Thailand or Mexico, please enjoy the cuisine right on the road and avoid the low store. A person traveling to learn culinary, Jodi Ettenberg heard many stories about you being sick after eating in the country, including in restaurants, a luxury hotel.

You just need a little caution when eating street food. Ettenberg adds: “In the stalls, your advantage is that you can make the eyes look the ch variable, verify the clean”.

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