These tips helps you overcome language barriers when traveling

Learning a few basic locally, using body language, using interpreters applications, … are one of the tips to helps you overcome language barriers when traveling.

Learn a few basic words

You may not need to speak, write fluently the language of the country you’re traveling, but at least you should know the most basic question. Ideally you should learn simple words like “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Yes”, “No”, “Please,” “Goodbye,” “You can not speak English,” ” I need help “… These words will help you have a better impression in the eyes of local people when communicating.

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Remember to always smile at everyone around because this is the easiest way to create a good impression in the hearts of many. In addition, this action also helps you have more chance to get new friends.

Use body language

If your language which is not enough to express all the things you want to say, please resort to body language as pointing, nodding, shaking his head …

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Bring a notebook and a pen

Also expressed in body language, the carrying a notebook and a pen will help you a lot. You can draw or write anything to the local population can understand what you’re saying.

Using interpreters applications

There are many apps to choose from, but one of the automatic translation tool is widely used today is Google Translate. This application is simple, easy to use, however, to be able to use this utility, you must make sure your phone is connected to the internet.

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Up a plan for moving from airport to hotel

After a long journey on the plane, most tourists often feel very tired, plus bulky luggage, so it’s best to find out in advance what you will use the media, how to go from the airport to the hotel At Hotel. You can also choose the alternative use airport shuttle service of the hotel.

Ask indigenous way

In countries English is not the primary language, if you want to ask the best way to choose the young people because most of their English is better than older people. Also, if you want to ask the road faster than you can look at any hotel or restaurant, make sure the staff here can help you.

Bring a map with local language

Often the front desk of the hotel will have a map of where you come, after the best map you should circle or highlight the places you intend to visit. It is simple but helps you save more time and unfortunately if lost, the locals also help you more easily.

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Use your smartphone roadmap photograph you go

Use your smartphone to take pictures of intersections, buildings, signs in the process that you go through will help you “flashback” to deliver his chosen path if accidentally lost.

Find the natives want to practice English

If you are looking for the indigenous people can speak English, you should go to the university, college or specialized shops selling souvenirs to foreign tourists. They will be happy to help you.
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