Things to do to ensure safety when traveling in Europe

Before the terrorist threat that threatens Europe, travelers should take measures to ensure safety for themselves to be able to enjoy a wonderful holiday here.

European, Travel Experiences ,Travel Europe, Travel France, Terrorism in EuropeKnow how to contact the embassy: Information on embassies are usually publicized.You can use the website to find the address, phone number of his country’s embassy in the destination. Travelers are advised to store information in the phone, write it down and bring in people to be able to use when needed. Photo: Lundaekonomerna.


Know how to contact your local authorities: Each country has its own phone number to assist people in emergencies. In Britain 999, France 112, Belgium 101 for police and 112 for other situations. You should learn and remember things. Photo: Republika.


However, this number can only be used when your phone is capable of operating in foreign countries. You can use international roaming service or buy a sim phone in the host country. Ideally, you should ask those who travel or tourism companies consulting.Photo: Shutterstock.


Be careful when in public places or use public transport: This is inevitable, but you should pay attention and know where emergency exits. This principle applies to all public transport, crowded attractions, sporting events, restaurants or other crowded areas.Photo: Equivocality.


Family and friends know your schedule: The notification to family, friends know your schedule will make them less worried than when the problem occurred, and support the search in case emergency. Photo: Lahistoriaconmapas.


Understand the travel insurance policy: Some companies will pay for medical expenses, some are not. Guests should ask insurance providers about specific situations, such as accidents or other inevitable unexpected events. Photo: Travelanthropist.

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