Things that visitors surprised to Russia

The rich in Russia are often hired fake ambulance to be giving way. This is considered a result of bad traffic situation in this country.

Things hereafter Telegraph rated as “surprising” for travelers to visit Russia.

1. Subbotnik entire population is on street cleaning. This tradition started after the Russian Revolution and was preserved until today.


2. Giving flowers is extremely courteous gesture in Russia. However, you should note that the amount donated flowers must be odd. Normally, only visit during the funeral flowers are even.

3. Hostess amount of people in this country are very pretty. According to the World Health Organization, where citizens consume more alcohol 4th worldwide, behind only Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania.

4. The average life span of the Russians was 63, lower than Korea and Iraq.

5. System subway station in Moscow is considered the most beautiful in the world. The station with more than 80 years here like art exhibitions or ancient church than transport hubs.

Moscow subway system is open from 05/15/1935. Photo: Telegraph

6. If Paris (France) with key players love, Moscow appeared very much in love lock tree. The couple hung on the tree lock and saw it as proof of their love.

7. About the rich in Russia are often hired fake ambulance to be giving way. This is considered a result of bad traffic situation in this country.

8. Russian population gender imbalance, more women than men 11 million people. This contrasts with Asian countries like Vietnam or China.

9. In 1908, the Russian sports delegation to the Olympic Games in London late 12 days. The reason is that at that time, the country still uses the Julian calendar.

10. Former general secretary Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia ever released a lyrical music alum.And President Putin to launch a DVD to teach Judo.

11. St. Basil’s Cathedral is famous sights in Russia. Legend has it that King Ivan impressed by the architecture of this project to the extent ordered blinding Postnik architect Yakovlev so he can not build something beautiful like that.

tourism Russia , Moscow , St. Basil's Cathedral , Russia
Basil’s Cathedral is one of the 7 Wonders of the best tourist attraction in Russia. Photo: Telegraph.

12. According to the biography of Henry Troyat, Peter the Great loved the toy soldier to the point where he ordered the execution of a mouse (by hanging) since it was first bitten by one of them falls. Also, in his reign, man must pay tax if you want to beard.

13. This vast country has to 9 timezones. This has long been the pride of the Russian people, but also caused a lot of inconvenience to the domestic economic activity.

14. The radioactivity on the lakeside of Russia was 600 roentgen Karachay enough to kill people if standing next to the lake in one hour.

15. St. Petersburg has a statue hare. This is a commemorative statue early age which used to be the land of hares. According to legend, brave hares protect each city as a great flood sweeps during the 18th century, the notion 19. Locals hit the statue if the coin, you will get lucky.

16. Russia has one of the long hanging bridge walk for 439 meters in the world, called the Sky Bridge. This is not to be missed experience for the adventurous enthusiast guests.

17. Russia has rarely used language in the world is known Ter Sami. Currently, only 2 people on the Kola Peninsula to know this language.

18. Russia has a lot of special cafe. Even the coffee chain also free all food and drink, just charge by the time you sit here. Cafe or just include the twins serve.

19. If you want to place the world’s coldest, visit Oymyakon region. In 1933, temperature down to -67.7 degrees here Celsius, was recorded live in people with the lowest temperature history.

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