Things to know before arriving in Ecuador

In Ecuador, a crispy fried Guinea pig cost 20-25 USD while bouquets of roses 25 shoots back just spend 2.5 USD.

In addition to the volcano is still active, to Ecuador, you can add some things below to get more information about this South American country.

The icon of the equator is wrong


The name of Ecuador named from “equator” because this country has the Equator runs across. One of the things you usually do is find to Mitad del Mundo and set foot on either side of the yellow line delineation of two halves in the world.

This works built in 1979. However, at present, planned to mark the Equator moved 240 m compared with the reality. Visitors should carry GPS devices to track latitude 0.

Crispy fried Guinea pig’s fine cuisine

According to the native language, Guinea pig called cuy, before chips directly on the fire are usually clean the hair, and surgery are flat out. You will hardly find this dish in restaurants in Quito by them is only popular in some bars or countryside. A Guinea pig fried cost 20-25 USD.

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Crispy fried Guinea pig become fine dining in Ecuador. Photo: Sodahead.

The mouse after finishing processing meat flavored Woods, usually served with potatoes and corn. In addition, cuy are local people use as a wedding present value, especially in the countryside.

Coca leaves can heal heights

Quito, capital of Ecuador, at an altitude of 2,800 m above sea level so the first time here, you may suffer from shortness of breath or headaches. It is the symptoms of the disease are afraid of heights. The situation would be worse if you climb the Andes mountains which are not adapted to the environment.

You are prompted to drink lots of water, avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine to decrease the symptoms above. A more effective treatment in indigenous coca leaves are a tea drink.

However, you may not bring any coca leaves would exit from Ecuador due to a number of other countries, including the us, this action is considered illegal.

Commission in Ecuador are cheap

You only spend $ 2.5 for a bunch of roses 25 branches. To the greenhouse area florist, you buy the bundle pink with only 2 USD. Although the industry Commission in Ecuador has 20 years, over the last decade, revenues from this area only ranks the third after oil and bananas.

With the right conditions to grow roses, Ecuador is seeking to produce more new products from the United States to develop the industry further.

Many countries of the world top volcanoes

This country is located within the ring of fire, where frequent phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Just south of the city of Quito is two parallel mountain chains in the Andes, is stretching from North to South in Ecuador. It was dubbed as “the Avenue of volcanoes”.

tungurahua-5099-1430713669 (

The most recent eruption of Tungurahua as April 2014. Photo: hoyvenezuela.

Summits Tungurahua, located south of Quito, is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth the past few years. According to the local mountain to name, which means “Throat of fire”, often erupting since 1999 and most recently in April 2014.

Ecuadorian children beaten with nettles

The Ecuadorian people are often paid to children beaten with nettles. This form is not considered domestic violence children which is a traditional cures. Ecuador believes that it can purify the soul. This method applies to both adults and children.

They have to take off your clothes and put under intense excavation by nettles to scare away negative energies. After that, they continued to be battered by a handful of herbs include Mint, Bay Laurel and. .. to reduce the pain stains before. The last step of a treatment is rubbing the body with rose petals.

Panama hats from Ecuador

The cone leaves this tradition came from Manabi, Ecuador’s West Coast, home to the Eloy Alfaro. He was President of Ecuador from 1842 until 1912, who created the hats made from leaves toquilla-a rare Reed-type, only growing in this country.

Eloy Alfaro also export them to Panama. In the tropical heat, the cone leaves become ideal umbrellas widgets. The user is usually the workers, the American engineer who built the Panama Canal.

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Although called Panama hats, accessories are in turn derived from the country of Ecuador. Photo: CNN.

In 1904, President of the United States of America Theodore Roosevelt was photographed while the hat and the Canal works. After the event is over, the traditional hat of Ecuadorian people became popular as the cone’s “Panama”.

No election will be fine

Ecuador obligate all citizens 18-65 years from 1936 to go vote. Only the new illiteracy was ignored. Voters will receive a certificate that they have responsibilities of citizens.

Without that, they will not be allowed to marry or to shop assets. In addition, there is no good reason also be fined $ 50.

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