Things to know when traveling in Europe

What you should know when travelling to Europe If you are planning to travel to the region of breathtaking scenery, of Europe


What you should know when travelling to Europe

If you are planning to travel to the region of breathtaking scenery, of Europe , we will share with you a little bit of experience on booking, visa preparation as well as other attractions and exciting restaurants.Planning and booking soon
You should start booking, rental car, train or plane ticket soon, at least 3 months before you go. If you do not set the soon you will lose the choice is the cheapest and most comfortable in the hands of the American and Australian tourists, eventually you must receive inferior service packages and even more facilities are not cheap for a bit.Northern Europe and southern Europe
Northern Europe (Scandinavia, the Benelux countries such as Switzerland, France and Italy) are usually colder, greener and more expensive also cost southern Europe (countries such as France and Italy, Spain and Greece). You will clearly see the landscape change dramatically as you move from North to South.
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Pack your baggage in an intelligent wayPrepare clothes appropriate for European tour
If you are planning to visit Europe in the period from May to August, you need not scooped the thick robes or coats do, things that just make your luggage more bulky. At this time of year, the air is warm and sunny, a few thin sweater is appropriate. So there’s no excuse for you filled with a pile of luggage. Fact, if you travel anywhere along the Mediterranean Sea, you will see the summer lasted almost to the end of October.Bring a good pair of shoes
Unlike travel the Americas or Oceania, Europe travel fun for when walking. In Europe there are small streets, historic squares, cafes right on the street, to … all those places that can only be felt when you walk up to it. Therefore, you should remember to bring a comfortable pair of shoes, and you will surely not regret when carrying it.
A good pair of shoes will help you comfortably excursionsTry to step away from the tourist centre
Most of the cities of Europe will have a center of culture and history. The majority of these visitors tend to congregate there, the central zone there but try to avoid eating or shopping in there: the food and goods will be cheaper and better in the neighborhoods outside the city’s tourist centre.
Should shops in residential areas outside the tourist centre of the cityPrevious episodes of language situations
Use of English in Europe is pretty handy, but this is not always successful: especially in the restaurant or the station’s traffic.You should learn a few phrases in the language of the country you visit, such as: “where is the train station?”, “lost!”, “where is the nearest ATM?”, “I’m a vegetarian-I don’t eat fish or chicken” and. ..
The European tour is still quite new and strange to the Vietnamese visitors. When the opportunity came to Europe please learn and explore and. ..Forecast
When to go to Europe you should bring the necessary personal items such as toothbrushes, oral, face towels, hand scraped and. ..The weather in the evening cold in Europe than in the US so you should bring lightweight jackets. Pay attention so that the map was just enough and compact. You should bring clothing appropriate to the climate from 3° C-10° C, low shoes type selection, kind of went walking foot because of the familiarity.

Luggage storage

Self conscious preservation of personal baggage during the trip (at the hotel and the train line). All papers relating to immigration procedures, such as airline tickets, passports, cash and personal property valued at large. Suggest you always take with you when you go out, do not leave in the room, locked trunks of … seal stolen.When you are on tour
Please you must perform properly requested by the Union on time focusing as indicated. If members would arrive late (the latest is 10 minutes) Division is responsible for the delay.Can grab a map of the country in that country’s international airport.Upon arrival, guests are advised to please and bring the Card (usually in the address and map) can travel precautions himself up a Taxi to the hotel. You should carry the phone number of handheld HDV.As to any 1 any attractions, please note that go under the guidance of HDV.
Note absolute residence do not segregate, if required for the private group separator should tell the protagonist, who leads the group ahead of knowing. Please comply with the rules in public, not smoking and litter public places, sites may be penalized by the breach.You should carry the phone number of handheld HDV.In each hotel has different equipment, upon check-in to check if it is damaged or missing, they must notify HDV, if not upon check out you must compensate for the missing or damaged belongings that you didn’t cause. To be aware of the provisions of the hotel, not to liberty used the services of the hotel if not for that service because many services must be paid in advance.During the overseas travel will not have time to NAP at the hotel. The journey took place from the morning, lunch at tourist spots, a new about hotels, on the other hand travel itinerary has been streamlined so you should arrange private so as not to affect the whole group. Always take the crew, to avoid getting lost.Stores-Commodities in supermarkets, please compare the price and the supermarkets sell price difference each other quite a bit.-You should bring us dollars (new series from 1995 return here) as a backup.
-When going shopping should carry a small computer. When HDV has entertainment help you shopping, you should note the considerations and reference prices before buying, avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings occur.About luggage and airline regulations
-Each carry 23 kg of baggage (send) and 8 kg laptop on the plane (it’s a neat)
-Excess at Tan Son Nhat airport For USD 23 per kilo. At European airports is the EUR50/kg
-Clothing should carry just enough, stowed.
-The baggage sent up to the locked suitcase and the express line for sure. The luggage stuck with your name and address, your phone number. (WE’ll send the luggage name table guests when the airport).
-Pointed objects such as cutlery, manicure should to into the luggage transfer not to bring people on board.Pharmacology
Medical costs in Europe are very expensive, you should bring along medication for their own illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, intestinal, etc.Feed
France to carry on the kind of food tastes like Vietnam: meat rub the cotton, dried shrimp, dried fish … but have to encapsulate not to stink and. ..

Weather and dress carrying

-In Europe, in late may each year is the late spring, this year due to the prolonged winter cold and the current European climate should remain cold compared with Vietnam. The temperature at the time of the end of may the average is 18 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should bring enough warm gear (jacket sleeve, par-dessus long sleeve sweater, scarves, etc.).
-Should wear long jeans and wool pants.
-Should take the training shoes (smooth cut out legs). Women should not wear high heels because of difficult moves in their sights.
-To bring personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers light goes in the room.
-Many beautiful landscapes to photograph, you should take it to if they use a digital, film if users of your muscle.

Vietnam-customs regulations
-Allowed $ 7000.
-Diamonds (as a ring) out of 3 mm, must be declared.
-Gold on 300 gr (approximately 8 trees) must be declared.
-Machinery, jewelry worth over $ 300 price must declare and carry people (in hand luggage).
-Electronic purchase of will by Vietnam Customs valuation (regardless of the Bill on the Eu). If over 300 USD, must declare and pay taxes on the money 50% pass plus 10% VAT.
-Guide will help fill out the papers on Immigration and customs before the airport. At airports, top guides and followed behind to do import and export procedures sight.

Hotels in Europe have the scale and services less than level par hotels in Asia such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.)There is an iron, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb comb and you must remember to carry. When out of the room, having to carry money, portfolio page … or send out safety-box of the hotel reception. The hotel will not be responsible if any occur loss of money, belongings in the room.

Europe uses 220 volts electricity, however, if you carry the power tool according to use backup should bring a variety of different plugs. The best juice drink boiled or bottled water.

The currency
-France uses the Euro, the exchange rate is currently at about 1euro = 1, $ 3US.
-Should funds in Vietnam. Should change currency in small denominations of euro as 10 euros, 20euros and some odd cents to ride, buy drinking water, buy phone cards. -Bring machine to calculate the exchange rate when shopping.
-Not to change money at branches of the Bank or money changer in the city due to it except for very high commissions.
-Most of the shops are not to receive USD.
-Because the are uncomfortable with the new money should change money or pay money is thoroughly tested and identified, the color of the face value.

Local hour
Hour after hour ride now France’s Vietnam, 5.

Means of transport

-Vehicles in France also circulated to the right like the Philippines. But always downright notice when walking, crossing the road, always riding on the sidewalk or pedestrian pathways.
-Taxi: there are meter, take 4 people. Someone sitting in front to fasten.
-Bux: inexpensive but must master the route map new walk.
-Subway: fast and convenient, however you must learn and master the route map.
-Never smoke in the car.
-When leaving the car to carry the whole self to his page according to whether driver willing yourself to map back on the car.Items such as cameras, camcorders, cell phones, portable, always carry yourself each time off the bus.

-Calls from the hotel are very expensive. Sometimes call home without someone to catch you still have to pay. Buy phone cards (telecard) to call home. -Can carry a CELLPHONE and buy SIM card to use. Please note the seller will ask whether the passport.
-Upon arrival a local HDV will guide customers buy calling card.

-European cargo abundant and diverse, many types and also many different prices. Want to purchase anything should also ask price, the previous code sample from buying expensive. And please don’t forget tax when about Vietnam.
-Access or buy cosmetics, shoes, handbags, clothes and. .. Trip Belgium, Netherlands or buying Chocolate, candy and. ..

-Europe is not a safe place. Never stand near the crowd, very careful when using means of public transport, the individual should not go on too late at night. When it comes to individual guests should advise the HDV said.
-Never shoot photographed local people (especially immigrants, non-indigenous) without asking them first.
-Always carry out one card and the program has recorded hours of Union.

The Don’ts
-Money must be carried on the person, not to leave the hotel. When leaving the hotel, restaurant, airport bus … must check his baggage, belongings.
-Receipt of baggage so check back to avoid mistakenly picked up the luggage of other people.
-Absolute help the baggage to strangers at airports, never joked together about bombs, explosives, terrorism etc.

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