Tips arrange travel luggage

Put large items at the bottom of a backpack, briefcase; not carry more than 3 pairs of shoes; cosmetics wrapped in a towel … will help you save space for trip luggage.

Baggage is always problematic for many people. So a few weeks before you leave, imagine if you wish you could have a star appearance in the upcoming holiday. Doing this will help you prepare the most relevant items, including dresses for formal dinners, sports clothes and toys for you hiking. Do not forget the accompanying accessories such as socks, hats, shoes, belts …

The baggage sorting below will help your trip more his stylish, no shortage of essential items.


Tips arrange travel luggageThis is necessary work before packing luggage in travel suitcase.
During the trip, you simply take the already prepared to wear, do not waste time and avoid selective incidents combination inappropriate attire.Sort all the kit you want to bring out of bed, then try to combine them into the style to wear on different occasions.
You can keep costume scheduled tour. Try all your clothes look really satisfied or not, especially brand new clothes to choose appropriate accessories to match them together.

Choose lightweight clothes help you can carry many more items. Some items that can be reused, such was wearing pajamas at least it should not take much.

Tips arrange travel luggage

To save up area, take cover jeans, dresses and large items at the bottom instead of folded and arranged in stacks.

Ratings brightly colored costumes and costume underneath dark on top to avoid soiling case for open, closed on tourism backpack again.

All small items should be inserted into the corner, so you have savings of about fairly large area. Lingerie and swimwear roll into round rolls, wrapped in plastic bags and stuffed into shoes to save space.

18-1-201632-892748921-3361-1453106737 Bettertraveltips.comDo not carry more than 3 pairs of shoes, preferably a pair of sneakers to move a long way, a pair of sandals because they are easy to coordinate as appropriate map to visit the city, go to the beach.


Keep jewelry in separate boxes or put in small plastic bags, sealed storage bag mouth to the maximum. And remember, please take valuables in hand luggage or in your wallet, purse.


You should extract a small amount just enough, for in the vials, lighter.Shampoo, cosmetic bottles, perfume should secure lids and put in a separate plastic bag. Or at least, you also wrap them in a towel, put the vertical travel of backpacks, to prevent them from leaking into the clothes.


If you carry fragile as alcohol should tightly with a cloth and placed between the luggage and wedge tightly.


The dirty clothes, then you should fold short, soft fabric lining and entered into between the vacuum bag or ziplock bag.

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