Tips dressed comfortable to travel the world

You should wear loose clothing while in India, along with boots, bring to England and avoid pro if there dress logo or short skirts, shorts in Italy.


Page Business Insider revealed dressing recipes to suit most travelers to visit the famous cities in the world. You can refer to the note below.

Tokyo, Japan

Dressing of Tokyo are very different people, from Harajuku style with bright colors but slightly desperate, until the clothes are fashionable, stylish. However, when working men wear dark suits and women choose dresses neatly, high heels. If you are not an employee of the company, should be the typical style shirt, dark jeans …

Japanese men do not wear shorts, unless they are exercising or walking on the beach. They also shave the hair clean and neat grooming, polite.

Hong Kong, China

Most people are carrying out cell lines for rain in the fall, winter and avoid the sun in the summer. Their dress style is quite simple, mainly sports shoes, jeans. Flip-flops and shorts are also quite popular, but you noted not wear too revealing. Hong Kong woman can wear short skirts, but they often do not like to show off too much upper body.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indigenous men often wear a shirt, khaki pants and shoes while women wear jewelry restrictions.

New Delhi, India

You should not boast too much dressing flesh. Baggy clothes or pants, shirts are appropriate attire.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Legging is primarily items of women here. They often combine tight leggings, thick, ankle-length skirt to wear, shorts and sports shoes in bright colors. In winter, they go boots sunk.Costumes for tourists to hang out in the evening is the most suitable sport jacket and jeans.

20150602082140-bi-kip-an-mac-travelt-1Swiss dressed quite simple, not cumbersome to wear many accessories. Photo: BI.

Berlin, Germany

Summer, locals prefer to wear shorts and flip-flops. If it gets colder, they will wear denim jeans, with long light-colored jacket.

London, England

British spruce but not too cramped. In winter, matching outfit that visitors should wear to look like natives are jeans, boots and long coats. If it rains, you should go boots, rubber boots and carrying umbrellas.

Brussels, Belgium

Fashion style that favored the people here are tank-top shirt, light-colored knitwear for summer and long-sleeved shirts, sweaters in winter.

Most of the streets are paved with stones, so shoe is often preferred by high heels. If you go to the public pool, men must wear trousers rather short swim.

Florence, Italy

You should avoid flip-flops, shirts with the logo, short skirts, shorts. Most destinations are relics, religion and the church will not allow you to wear revealing bare shoulders. Therefore, carry a towel to muffle up people when necessary is what visitors should do.

Cairo, Egypt

Most people here are dressed in the classical style. Men usually wear long pants, shirts and rarely wear shorts, backpack or coat and jewelry.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

You should avoid wearing baggy clothing, and here men rarely wear shorts. Also, casual jeans, skirts are fashionable style popular in Buenos Aires.

Los Angeles, USA

Due to the warm weather all year round, tank tops, wide shirts, shorts and skirts are the costumes you can freely choose. If you plan to visit a beach, which carries a thin coat when cold room. In the evening, women in high heels, jeans and jacket elegant dark, sexy to go to dinner.

If your going to go bar, mini-skirts, colorful costumes are popular.

Sydney, Australia

The climate is warm year round, so you can comfortably wear shorts, flip-flops or sandals go … People here are not too uptight on how you dressed.

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