Top 10 countries cheap travel in the world

World Economic Forum has released the ranking level of competition in terms of price-based tourism, airfare, hotel, standard of living and fuel, which have three representatives in Asia are India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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You lose an average of 21 dollars for the attraction of wild African one. Charm of unspoiled nature and unique local culture has helped Botswana attracted 2.1 million visitors in 2013.

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With 31 USD (not including airfare), travelers are enjoying the wild, adventurous activities such as climbing, canoeing. Traditional culture is also attract visitors by Swaziland is one of the last countries in the world remain autocratic monarchy. This tiny kingdom attracted a million international passengers in 2013.

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Tunisia is a country where harmony between two cultures East – West, combining ancient architectural space with the current world in a subtle way. Guests spend an average of 349 USD for a trip to this beautiful country.

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Republic of The Gambia

Africa’s smallest country with tourism development very early. With only 514 USD, travelers can enjoy the blue sea, sunshine and beautiful sandy beaches in Gambia.

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Arab Emirates

A trip to the country of the castles in the sand cost about 571 USD. According to Lonely Planet, this is one of the great destinations in the Middle East.

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Egypt is a country with strong appeals to the mystique of the 5,000-year history. Average one visiting here will spend 659 USD for the trip. You will admire the wonders of the pyramids, tombs or library Pharaoh Alexandria …

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Over 25 million is the number of international passengers traveling to Malaysia in 2013. This country is the land of acculturation with many unique festivals and beautiful beaches. Per tourists to Malaysia to spend 835 USD.

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Indonesia is known as the land of thousand islands. Per travelers to tourist paradise will spend $ 1,036 and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery, ancient ruins as well as the majestic mosque.

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$ 1,898 is the amount worthy for travel experiences in Angola. Nature in this country are very pristine, including rivers, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. A few national parks that tourists should visit the Cameia, Cangandala, or Iona. 2013, Angola welcomed 650,000 international visitors.

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India has many destinations diverse ethnicity, religion and customs. $ 2,640 is the average cost of each guest while traveling to this country.

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