Top 10 most beautiful shopping streets in Europe

Architecture and fashion that made those beautiful shopping streets in Europe. Whether you want to fulfilling shopping, hunt for exclusive items or simply sightseeing, watching the streets, the shopping street most attractive, elegant and has a history of following Europe will make you satisfied.

Globalgrasshoper travel site selected list of most beautiful shopping streets of Europe:


1. Prince Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

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This is one of the elegant shopping streets and iconic in the world. Prince Street (Edinburgh) was a famous shopping destination since the beginning of 1800. Here, you will find the big department stores, specialty restaurants, historic buildings (such as hotels Balmoral ) and all the beautiful urban garden where guests can stay after shopping.

2. Nine Streets, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2-Pho-Nine-Amsterdam-Ha-Lan (

Located in the Jordaan district, Nine City is made up of three charming path intertwined with canals. You’ll find lots of independent shops selling everything from handmade jewelry to fashion classic elegance. Make sure you take the time to drink coffee at one of the many cafes inside the channel to be able to enjoy a panoramic view of this interesting neighborhood.

Hotels Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Champs-Élysées, Paris, France

3-Dai-lo-Champs-Elysees-Paris-Phap (

This is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Maybe someone heard about this boulevard are at least once dreamed of holding hands with her lover go along tree-lined streets of the Champs-Elysées towards the Arc de Triomphe towers towering west . This is the world of the elite, with branded goods leading luxury design and exclusive world like Yves St Laurent, Chanel and Dior …

Hotels Champs – Elysees, Paris, France

4. Gamla Stan street, Stockholm, Sweden

Hotels Bern, SwitzerlandThere are many beautiful corners and streets of the old town Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm. The landscape around the picturesque with the scent of freshly baked berry cake, coffee smell and smell fragrant bread from the local bakery and coffee shops (some of the shop had ‘life ‘hundreds of years old) is a great combination to make up its own flavor of this neighborhood.


5. Street Shambles, York, UK

5-Pho-Shambles-York-Anh-quoc (

Recently voted as the most beautiful street in the UK, Shambles Street is an important part of the history of York. Located in downtown York, was named the city Shamples medieval streets are the best preserved in Europe. Formerly, this was an extremely malls bustling business as pig meat, beef, lamb. Now, the main items in Shambles ahead souvenirs, books, cakes …

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6. Maria Theresien Street, Innsbruck, Austria

6-Pho-Maria-Theresien-Innsbruck-Ao ( is a beautiful city located in the mountains of western Austria. The wide streets of Innsbruck is created charms of this city, but Maria Theresien Street is the famous main shopping street. Among the buildings from medieval and baroque architecture bearing on this street are now large and small shops …


7. Galeries Royales Saint Hubert Street, Brussels, Belgium

7-Pho-Galeries-Royales-Saint-Hubert-Brussels-Bi (

This is almost the first shopping street in Europe. This street is also known for monuments and buildings dating back to 1847. Today it is still a large shopping center with upscale shops, antique furniture, luxury chocolate shops and a collection of restaurants and independent cafes.

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8. The narrow street in Venice, Italy

8-duong-pho-nho-hep-Venice (

Venice extremely beautiful, poetic and ancient landmarks are also a popular shopping world. You should go out of the main tourist destinations to explore the smaller roads from the iconic landmarks of this city. Here you will find unique specialty shops selling local products, handicraft items, food, and of course there are all the fashion clothing store, shoes …

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9. street Placa, Dubrovnik, Croatia

9-Pho-Placa-Dubrovnik-Croatia ( stone path with name Placa is the ideal starting point for a short trip to your in Dubrovnik – one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. It is the meeting point of the shops and cafés, as well as places with a rich history contains many important monuments. The street was built in the 12th century, paved in 1468, then restored and renovated after the earthquake in 1667.


10. Street Kramgasse, Bern, Switzerland

10-Pho-Kramgasse-Bern-Switzerland (

Marktgasse road corridor with two magnificent vaulted parallel sides. It is used as a commercial area, exclusive shopping paradise attracts tourists from everywhere. 33 meter long path that runs through the old medieval town is a UNESCO and roadside are beautiful buildings built with baroque architecture. Make sure you take the time to visit the house where Albert Einstein lived located on this street.

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