Top 5 City tourists should not travel alone

Lima, New Delhi, Jakarta, Mexico City, … is the city of impressive beauty makes many visitors look forward to once gone, however this is not a “paradise” for traveling alone.

Bogota, Colombia


The capital of Columbia’s Center for politics, economics and culture is famous for the annual temperature is temperate, the famous landscape with lots of historical attractions.However in this drug trafficking and extremist revolutionary organisations were still raging.Moreover, Bogota was rated as the worst and most dangerous for women to travel alone, especially at night. After a series of sexual assaults on the TransMilenio bus system, Bogota has had to maneuver a team of female police in civilian dress armed with “patrolled” on this media.

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Currently, the security situation in Bogota relatively stable but you are still encouraged to visit the northern city would be safer. Photo:

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is known by the situation of violence and gun crime still exists, particularly on the status of women rape on means of public transport are significant hazard.

Women traveling alone to Mexico City were advised not to use the public transport at night, by will probably meet more risky by the criminal gangs on the street.

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An impressive architectural works in Mexico City. Photo:

Lima, Peru

Considered one of the historical cities worth visiting in South America and is also the gateway to Machu Picchu, also easy to see why Lima became the point to have the suction power is hard to beat for visitors. Because the city is in a State of crowded tourists, so this is also the environment favorable for many criminal hiding and find opportunity to make bad behavior.

Tourists to Lima is always recommended as should plan to travel during the day, avoid going out alone at night, should not sit on the taxi “Although” and carefully v i evils pickpockets as well as robbery.

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A beautiful corner of Lima. Photo:

New Delhi, India

Though India is one of the tourist attractions by the stunning architecture, but the capital New Delhi in the country are among the most dangerous city for women when going phượt “sole issue” in the evening. According to the report of the human development research (Human Development Reports), India is the world’s second ranked among the worst States for women live. So if travel to New Delhi, you need to go with a group and avoid wearing the outfits too revealing.

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A bustling streets in New Delhi. Photo:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is a colourful, engaging visitors by its unique culture. However, visitors are advised that it should be well aware can encounter the threat from terrorism and the kidnapping of foreigners. Besides, Jakarta is also located in the area between the lines of fracture surface of the crust of the Earth, should ease experience a natural disaster was not forewarned as the Quake or tsunami.

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Jakarta is a colourful, engaging visitors by its unique culture. Photo:

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