Travel when the not have much money, why do not?

When asked “what makes you nervous before deciding to travel?”, the majority of all people for that single issue is located in money.

Most answered, “I don’t have enough money to travel” or “money earned from my job wasn’t enough to travel”. So how to solve this? How anyone can afford to travel?


First of all, we should remember this: “You don’t have to be wealthy to travel!”. It is important you know how to manage and save enough money to travel. How? Let’s set out priorities for travel! If tourism is not a priority, you will always find some other problems to spend money and the result is you will never have enough money to travel. Everything you can do is focus on saving enough money to travel, and only travel!

Let’s focus for the target to travel!

Here are a few tips of Nomadic Matt (a tourist “phượt” American professional) about some of the ways you can travel with super cheap, even free …:

1. Working abroad


The present work does not give you enough money to travel? Why don’t you try a job abroad? There are many opportunities for you to choose from as long as you are not too picky, not so seriously that it will affect his career. All is just one of the ways for you to earn money for a trip. Here are some suggestions of appropriate tasks:

-Au pair (the maid)


-Staff holiday homes


-Farm workers (very popular in Australia and New Zealand)

-Tour guide

-Staff working on yacht

-Casino employees

-Temporary workers at the resort.


And here are three websites that can help you find employment overseas: CIEE, Allianceabroad, Bunac.

2. Teach English abroad

One of the best ways to make ti n cover for the trip is to teach English abroad. You can earn a lot of money from this teaching. All you need is the ability to speak English fluently and, if possible, you should own a TOEFL or IELTS qualification (depending on the country where you work).

3. “Hunting” free flights

There are many ways to search for cheap flights or free: register a few credit cards of many different banks, collect bonus points (by signing all bank transactions linked to the airlines, shops at the store member of the airlines as Amazon Apple, Best Buy, Target, Etc.; pay by card …) and then … the fly free!


Known today, with more than 1,000 locations to choose from, you can redeem miles to fly from credit card bonus points of the Bank to take flights of many airline partners such as Vietnam Airlines, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air, American Airlines, … and many other valuable incentives. You just need to accumulate reward points by spending with credit card, then redeem the points we have to take flight, and finally … the fly free.

4. Learn and subscribe using CouchSurfing

Have you ever imagine to travel, sleep and eat for free at home a person that you don’t know in a country complete strangers? CouchSurfing will help you do this.


CouchSurfing organization allows to connect all visitors with local people in all parts of the world (these people are willing to let you stay home for free). By signing on and using the site, you will never have to pay for accommodation, that is not to mention that you also have the opportunity to meet great people. Sometimes you will be in a room with full facilities, but sometimes you just get to sleep on a couch, or a thin mattress … However, all free of charge.

5. Ride

One of the relatively safe, convenient and also quite common to go exploring around the destination in many parts of the world including Central America, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia or New Zealand that is: ride or join a walking tour take a tour free of charge.

5. residential tourism

You do not have the ability to cover the costs of accommodation when traveling? Experience forms respite and activities with indigenous people directly in their homes. You can subscribe to one of the sites as House Carers, Mind My House, The Caretaker Gazette and later stopped at the home of a friend, or even a strange people. With this, you will have the opportunity to know more about fine food, fine thought, life in the place that you come, and know the place for the best players, or visit, best, cheapest, especially … no need to pay for the accommodation.

6. Auto Cook

Cook your own meal-the best way to save money on the road traveling. If you are in the form of CouchSurfing, you even have the opportunity to take advantage of the “super cool” kitchen, super clean and siệu convenience. In case there is no stove, you can also order processing food with bread and salad. By traveling does not mean you have to go out to eat!



WWOOF is a non-profit organization that links the organic farm on the 99 countries in the world. The farm owners will register with WWOOF hosts do, and the dust of travel members will sign up to volunteer. WWOOF is intermediate connections between 2 parties. WWOOF connects visitors with the farmers in the Organization, who want to stay in rooms and business help for your accommodation. Working in a farm will help you get free accommodation and the chance to breathe fresh air excellent.

Some other experiences to save costs when traveling:

-Sign the card by train (Rail Pass): sometimes, air/car/boat trip some time can help save a sizable cost (up to 50%), however if you do not want to be bound to a fixed schedule, you can also choose to use the card Rail Pass (travel cards allow passengers unlimited travel in a number of specific date in a country or territory that you selected). In this way, you can save a lot of money by Rail Pass offers a lot of value to help you may travel on the train and not have to pay tickets for each train. And you can be flexible in choosing the train and train accordingly, do not need fixed train and the train.

-Sleep in dormitory: The dorm rooms are considered fairly cheap price accommodation. If you do not have the opportunity to experiment with forms of CouchSurfing, the dorm is the next best way to save money for the search for somewhere to rest during a trip.

-Use the student card and other discount cards (if you are a student, teacher, or an individual under the age of 26).

-Tourist card: If you plan to visit more destinations in any one city, you should register a travel card which gives you the way a discount or free access to the main attractions, museums, as well as participate in all types of public transport free of charge.

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