When to Buy Airplane Tickets?



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When to Buy Airplane Tickets?




It might seem like airplane prices have skyrocketed recently, making travel hard for so many people. However, do you know that you can save money on ticket expenses by making the right choices?

This might come off as a surprise for people who don’t travel often. However, this is very true. By making smart decisions and knowing when to buy airplane tickets, travelers can save a few bucks on their travels. Want to get an insight into this traveling secret? Hop on below.


How Far in Advance Should you Book your Ticket to get the Best Deal?

Your flight fare might vary on several factors, like the route you’d be traveling on or the time frame in the year you’d want to catch that flight. For example, if the route you are traveling on has a lot of planes flying through the same selected airport or you are planning to travel during the holiday season, finding flights can be challenging – let alone ones that come in the best deal.

Hence, we suggest planning and booking travel on the perfect Goldilocks window. The goldilocks window is the ideal time to book a flight for domestic and international departures – not too early and never too late.

According to the goldilocks rule, it is advisable for travelers to book their domestic flights one to three months in advance and their international flights at least two to eight months in advance to get the best deals in the lot.

What is the Best Day to Buy an Airplane Ticket?

Based on their traveling research, Expedia concluded that Sunday night was the best time for users to book a plane ticket if they were searching for the best flights at relatively lower prices.

Sometimes people are on a tight budget, but making a domestic departure is a requirement. Booking a flight for Tuesday or Wednesday would help you get the cheapest ticket quickly. On the other hand, the cheapest day to travel internationally was deemed Thursday.

If you are booking your flight months in advance, choosing January for domestic and August for international traveling might be a great idea. This is when the tickets are pretty low, and you can get your hands on the best deals around.

Do Flights Prices go Down the Last Minute?

While ticket prices fluctuate massively a few months before the air travels, this aspect is unlikely to happen once you head near the travel date. 

Hence those who believe that flights might go down at the last minute and are not booking it, trust us and do it now. This is because last-minute offers do not come as often as travelers like to think.


Traveling in recent times has become expensive. However, by knowing the right tactics and flight-searching methods, travelers can get their hands on the best deals possible. We hope this article helped you understand when to book your airplane ticket for it to fit within your budget. Happy traveling!




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When to Buy Airplane Tickets?

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