Is Marbella Worth Visiting in January?



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Is Marbella Worth Visiting in January?

Marbella is a literal paradise on Earth and one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations during the summers. With the ethereal beaches that people bask on and the perfect destination to enjoy cocktails while watching the sun go down – the summer in Marbella is one to remember for all.

However, the real question is, is Marbella in January or during the winter months still worth visiting? The answer to your question lies below.

Should you Visit Marbella in January?

While the peak travelling season in Marbella is summer, the off-peak delights it offers are what truly describe it. This is because Marbella is less crowded during the winter season, with only the locals residing in the area. Hence, visitors can experience the city in its authentic and raw form during this time without having to share it with a lot of other tourists.

If you plan to visit this beautiful place in January but don’t know what activities you can partake in to make your trip fun, then worry now because we’ve got that covered for you too.

What to do in Marbella during winter to Make your Visit Worth it?

As mentioned above, Marbella would be a great time to visit during the winter and so worth it too. With less crowded streets and a clear view of the beach, there are many activities that you can enjoy easily. Below we have explained some of the top ones; let’s have a look.

1.   Stroll the Seafront Promenades without the Crowd

You should take advantage of strolling the seafront during your winter visit. While the place is pretty crowded during the summers, it would be the winter when you’d witness the true beauty of nature on this very coast.

Marbella offers its tourists a stretch of paseo to stroll around. Exploring it during sundown would give users an ethereal view of the Mediterranean to the Rif Mountains in Morocco.

Moreover, during your strolls, you’d come across lovely shops, cafes, and many other places lining the coastal side waiting to be rummaged through.

2.   Play Golf

Golf is a game played and enjoyed by many people, and in Marbella, the fun of this game would increase tenfold. The lush green gold courses in Marbella are a golfer’s paradise, and with the perfect winter temperature and visibility, the experience would be one that you’d remember forever.

3.   Climb La Concha and Enjoy Stunning Views

If you love mountain climbing, climbing the La Concha during the winter season in Marbella should be on your list. The mountain is an iconic site on the Marbella skyline, and its climbing rewards you with breathtaking views.

The hike takes around six hours, including the climb and then descent, and the winter days would provide you with a perfect temperature to climb it and enough visibility to see the Atlas Mountain in Africa from the top. So, are you up for it?

4.   Horse Riding on the Beach

How often have you seen in movies that the lead character is a stroller on a horse on the beach among the waves? It looks pretty fascinating and something that you would want to experience.

Well, what if we tell you this fascination can become a reality here in Marbella? The beaches during winter are stranded with very few people around. Hence, it would be the perfect time to rent the horse available nearby and go galloping among the waves.


If you planned on visiting Marbella but couldn’t get the time to do so during the summers, then don’t stop yourself. The winter would be a perfect time to hop on a plane and visit this beautiful destination on Earth just the same. We hope this article was sufficient to help you decide why visiting Marbella in January might be worth it and what fun activities you can partake in.



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